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Antisemitism och antisionism

Här är en mycket intressant artikel från Dissent Magazine som tydliggör hur lika antisemitiska och påstått antisionistiska argument ofta är.

A FEW YEARS ago I sought to outline commonalities between anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist discourses in a scholarly journal. It is worth reproducing. Here are major motifs that inform classical anti-Semitism:

1) Insinuations: Jews do not and cannot fit properly into our society. There is something foreign, not to mention sinister about them.

2) Complaints: They are so particularistic, those Jews, so preoccupied with their "own." Why are they so clannish and anachronistic when we need a world of solidarity and love? Really, they make themselves into a "problem." If the so-called "Jewish problem" is singular in some way, it is their own doing and usually covered up by special pleading.

3) Remonstrations: Those Jews, they always carp that they are victims. In fact, they have vast power, especially financial power. Their power is everywhere, even if it is not very visible. They exercise it manipulatively, behind the scenes. (But look, there are even a few of them, guilty-hearted perhaps, who will admit it all this to you).

4) Recriminations: Look at their misdeeds, all done while they cry that they are victims. These ranged through the ages from the murder of God to the ritual slaughter of children to selling military secrets to the enemy to war-profiteering, to being capitalists or middlemen or landlords or moneylenders exploiting the poor. And they always, oh-so-cleverly, mislead you.

Alter a few phrases, a word here and there, and we find motifs of anti-Zionism that are popular these days in parts of the left and parts of the Muslim and Arab worlds:

1) Insinuations: The Zionists are alien implants in the Mideast. They can never fit there. Western imperialism created the Zionist state.

2) Complaints: A Jewish state can never be democratic. Zionism is exclusivist. The very idea of a Jewish state is an anachronism.

3) Remonstrations: The Zionists carp that they are victims but in reality they have enormous power, especially financial. Their power is everywhere, but they make sure not to let it be too visible. They exercise it manipulatively, behind people's backs, behind the scenes – why, just look at Zionist influence in Washington. Or rather, dominance of Washington. (And look, there are even a few Jews, guilty-hearted perhaps, who admit it).

4) Recriminations: Zionists are responsible for astonishing, endless dastardly deeds. And they cover them up with deceptions. These range from the imperialist aggression of 1967 to Ehud Barak's claim that he offered a compromise to Palestinians back in 2000 to the Jenin "massacre" during the second Intifidah. [2]
These sketches of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, with just some variation, were originally in Mitchell Cohen, "Auto-Emancipation and Anti-Semitism: Homage to Bernard-Lazare," Jewish Social Studies (Fall 2003).

No, anti-Zionism is not in principle anti-Semitism but it is time for thoughtful minds—especially on the left—to be disturbed by how much anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism share, how much the dominant species of anti-Zionism encourages anti-Semitism.

And so:
If you judge a Jewish state by standards that you apply to no one else; if your neck veins bulge when you denounce Zionists but you've done no more than cluck "well, yes, very bad about Darfur";

if there is nothing Hamas can do that you won't blame 'in the final analysis' on Israelis;

if your sneer at the Zionists doesn't sound a whole lot different from American neoconservative sneers at leftists;

then you should not be surprised if you are criticized, fiercely so, by people who are serious about a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians and who won't let you get away with a self-exonerating formula—"I am anti-Zionist but not anti-Semitic"—to prevent scrutiny. If you are anti-Zionist and not anti-Semitic, then don't use the categories, allusions, and smug hiss that are all too familiar to any student of prejudice.

It is time for the left that learns, that grows, that reflects, that has historical not rhetorical perspective, and that wants a future based on its own best values to say loudly to the left that never learns: You hijacked "left" in the last century, but you won't get away with it again whatever guise you don.

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Ashna sa...

Super intressant. För att mitt personliga intryck är att de som säger sig vara antisionistiska men inte antisemitiska ändå använder sig av antisemitisk argumentation. Men de gör gärna den här typen av begreppsskillnader för att slå ifrån sig den kritik de förtjänar.
Han tar också upp nånting som jag alltid reagerar på och det är den här fixeringen vid Israel kritik. ” The fixation on Israel/Palestine within parts of the left, often to the exclusion of all other suffering on the globe, ought to leave any balanced observer wondering: What is going on here? This fixation needs demystification.”
Jag vet att du också läser Nick Cohen, men om du har missat den härå är den ett måste.

Anonym sa...

Andreas Svensson Det finns många socialdemokrater i vårt land,som är hjärtligt
trötta på den flirt med islamistiska organisationer
som pågår oavbrutet i vårt land.
Dessa människor låter sig inte hjärntvättas
av svenska medias propaganda ,inte heller låter sig de övertygas
att extremister skall stödjas.
Vi är många svenskar , som kan skilja på israelernas kamp
för överlevnad och Hamas kamp för att förinta den judiska staten.
Vi vill säga bestämt och tydligt- nej till islamistisk propaganda i Sverige !
Nej till krigshetsande retorik mot den judiska staten, staten som står på
samma sidan barrikaden som vi !
Israel står för våra värderingar- för vår uppfattning om humanism,etik,moral
och allmänmänskliga värden. Värden som håller människans liv högst,
värden som bejakar livet-mot självmordsromantiken,mot dödens kultur,
mot judehatet och mot religiöst fanatism.
Vi är många svenska som tycker som vi. A.Svensson.Göran Burenstein.Alf Björlin.
24 juli, 2008 kl 22:32
Publicerat ikväll i Västerbottens Folkblad.Sprid vidare !

Jonathan Leman sa...


mycket bra text av Nich Cohen, tac för tipset. Den hade jag faktiskt inte läst och jag har fortfarande inte skaffat mig What's left?

Det är förresten dags att den kommer i svensk översättning.


det där var lite rörigt. Har ni skrivit en artikel i Västerbottens folkblad? Skicka länk om den finns på nätet.

Anonym sa...

Kritiken av Israel och sionismen är gränsöverskridande. D.v.s. överskrider lätt gränsen till antisemitism.
Kolla vad EU´s kommitté mot rasism och antisemitism definierar som antisemitism och jämför med den kritik som stora delar av vänstern, bl.a den del som jämför Israel med Hitlertyskland ägnar sig åt.

Anonym sa...

Det rör sig endast om kommentar.


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