torsdag, oktober 22, 2009

Nytt tal av Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Even before World War I, there was some talk [about forming] a very vicious and twisted organization to take over the entire world. ---

Four or five years after World War II, they suddenly claimed that during that war, the Holocaust affair had taken place. In other words, according to their claims, several million Jews were burned in the crematoria. --- They acted so effectively that some of the world's politicians and intellectuals were also deceived and influenced. ---

If a war breaks out in Iraq, we believe it is due to the provocation of the Zionists. If it happens in Afghanistan, it is because of their provocation. If Sudan is oppressed, it is due to Zionist seduction. We consider all the arrogant, colonialist schemes to be inspired by the Zionists. ---
I believe that with the complete formation of the global Zionist network, they have seized control of the fate of the European governments, and of the US government. To the independent countries in the world, I would like to say: You should know that the influence of the Zionist network on your culture, your politics, and your economy is tantamount to a violation of your independence. They cling like ticks. The moment they gain influence, they never stop.

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Otto Kanel sa...

Fruktansvärt obehagligt. Man kan tro att det är Borat.